8-Relay/7-Input INSTEON/X10 I/O Controller

This device has been discontinued…  Stay tuned for the IoT8, which will replace the EZIO8SA shortly

You can trigger small devices, alarms, and events using incoming signals from sensors by setting up a centralized EZIO8SA Combo.  It allows up to 7 incoming signals, which can trigger both the 8 wired outputs and a host of linked INSTEON devices through its PLM.  You can eliminate complicated wiring problems and create a responsive home control system.

Smart Possibilities:

  • Trigger lamps and overhead lights in response to detected motion
  • Use INSTEON keypads or switches to control multiple non-INSTEON devices
  • Sound an alert or chime when your garage door is opened
  • Open/Close your garage door or other entry access equipped with automated openers