About Us

Smartenit supplies a wider range of solutions at a fraction of the cost of the so called “high-end” control systems, with equal or better performance and expandability. We focus on electricity and water management, the two main sources of energy used around a home, farm or building. Our broad range of products address lighting, irrigation, heating/cooling, sensors, hot water management, disaster mitigation, and pool control. By using a consistent technology application framework, our devices can be set up and deployed uniformly and rapidly to address a myriad opportunities for improvement in our daily life. Our solutions are for everyone, not just the technical expert or the very rich, and include unparalleled connectivity to enable monitoring and control from anywhere. Smartenit, Inc. is a Delaware corporation established in late 2011. Compacta International, Ltd., the parent company is also a Delaware corporation in business since 1996. The company is fully resourced to quickly bring products to market and to provide excellent customer support. Smartenit is a member of the ZigBee and INSTEON alliances, a commitment that demonstrates our goal of continuing to rapidly introduce products based on the best wireless control technologies.

A personal need to remotely irrigate 300 olive treelets in the California Central Coast led to development of our first product, the EZFlora. From there, we became obsessed with automating everything in our house. It was clear nothing in the house was meant to work with anything else, and that we could have a field day (and lose a lot of hair) automating the hot water, the pool pump motor, the outdoor lights, two garage doors, etc. A few years later, we are still not totally bald, the olive trees are thriving and giving us the best California Extra Virgin Olive Oil there is, and our store carries over 50 terrific automation products.
To change our dwellings from arrays of disconnected appliances and sub-systems into harmonious integrated homes, farms and buildings, that improve our quality of life while helping us preserve our environment and save energy and money.
A passion for turning technology into simple and cost-effective solutions that benefit everyone, not just the very rich or extreme technologically savvy. Understanding and applying complex technology to bring the utmost in simplicity and efficiency to the users of our products. The main opportunity we are exploiting now is connectivity and mobile devices access. Low-cost computing now accessible everywhere is enhancing the accessibility of our devices from anywhere!